Here's what our current Body Back participants are saying after just 4 weeks...

Body Back is a bit more intense than Stroller Strides, but I LOVE it! Erin has pushed me to limits I didn't know I could reach and has encouraged me to keep going when my mind says "I cant". Even though I'm only half way through, I feel stronger, and my clothes are already fitting better. - Kristen T.

This has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long time. After only four weeks of the workouts and eating only healthy, whole foods, I am stronger, looking leaner, and am actually pulling clothes out of my closet that I haven't worn in a few years. I love seeing the results, but I also love the friendship that has developed between the other moms in the class and our "journey" together. We all adore our instructor Erin and the way she is truly invested in helping each of us reach our best self. If you want your body back and are willing to work hard, do this! - Joni M.

I was really excited to sign up for Body Back a few weeks ago, but I had no idea how amazing this journey was going to be. I have made so much progress in my fitness and overall health in just 4 weeks by working hard and taking all the wonderful suggestions provided. The accountability and support from the group (including a motivating and knowledgeable instructor) have allowed me to be so successful and I am extremely grateful for this experience. It is something I will always remember and be proud that I was a part of. - Jennifer R.

As a new mom, I have been struggling with the new body my daughter has given me. Along with all the joys of motherhood, I was left with extra pounds and a body shape I was unfamiliar with. After months of trying to lose the weight all on my own and not seeing the results, I knew Body Back would be the perfect program to jump start my weight loss and transform my body. I hadn't exercised seriously in years. I was intimidated but I knew if I didn't attempt to change things, I would never achieve my goals. So I went to the free introductory class and made it through. Yes, I was a sweaty mess but I did it. That accomplishment alone was enough for me to commit to the class. Body Back is challenging. It challenges me to get stronger, eat better, and to be mindful about my body and my spirit. Body Back is not only about changing your body but it also involves a component that I find essential - your mindset. That mindset is what helps push me further everyday, as does Erin, our incredible instructor, and the other amazing moms in the class. We are halfway through our Body Back journey and I already see changes like the numbers on the scale going down but also with how I feel about my body. I celebrate each work out I complete. I am stronger both physically and mentally now. And I couldn't have done this on my own and realize I wouldn't want to. The women I have met in Body Back have kept me going and I look forward to seeing what we have accomplished at the end of 8 weeks and beyond. - Liza S.

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